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Week - 390

The Wheel of Mediocrity
by shmozie
Description: Makes you wanna land there...

Week - 398

Wheel of Excitement
by shmozie
Description: Yeah, right...

Week - 414

Not Again...
by shmozie
Description: Why Battledome items are called "BATTLEDOME ITEMS".

Week - 421

Feed Me
by shmozie
Description: Maybe if she were a Skeith?

Week - 433

Murasaki Moments - That Other Blue Avvy
by shmozie
Description: I hate pink...

Week - 436

Murasaki Moments - Mr. Sarcastic
by shmozie
Description: Yay...

Week - 437

Murasaki Moments - Item of Doom Pt.1
by shmozie
Description: Hooray for the Art Gallery!

Week - 438

Murasaki Moments - Item of Doom Pt.2
by shmozie
Description: OMG! No way!!

Week - 439

Murasaki Moments - Item of Doom Pt. 3
by shmozie
Description: His fault for bringing it up...

Week - 443

Murasaki Moments - Ish Mah Ticket!
by shmozie
Description: Don't bite the hand that feeds you...

Week - 450

Murasaki Moments - 450th Special
by shmozie
Description: Just read her comic... sheesh....

Week - 464

Murasaki Moments - Ghost Mallows
by shmozie
Description: Oh dear...

Week - 493

Murasaki Moments - The Lockout
by shmozie
Description: Fix it... Now... Seriously... Please...? PLEASE!!!

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