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Week - 343

Making Your Neopet Look His/Her Best!
by roboticc
Description: Let me help you make YOUR PET the center of attention on the Customisation Boards.

Week - 429

Balthazar's Best Friend
by roboticc
Description: The youngest ones are easiest to catch.

Week - 430

Your Complete Guide to NC Trading!
by roboticc
Description: You're sure it's a Neocash item, but if you can't buy it, how can you get it?

The answer is simple: Neocash Trading.

Week - 486

The Quester's Guide to Illusen's Glade
by roboticc
Description: "Why should I complete a quest for Illusen?" Well, there are several answers to this question – she is a gentle and friendly Faerie, and her Quests are fun, exciting even. More importantly, the rewards can be quite amazing.

Week - 488

A Rescue for Callie
by roboticc
Description: The little Aisha had decided to go out for a jog, and had proudly padded along the road for an impressive half an hour before she realised that she had to make it all the way back home too.

Week - 489

Can You See the Rainbow?
by roboticc
Description: Everything about the Acara was painfully grey. His fur was a pale silver; his ears drooped forward and his eyes were dark.

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