A Yurble stole my cinnamon roll! Circulation: 184,867,939 Issue: 489 | 8th day of Eating, Y13
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Week - 483

Any Job Will Do - Part 01
by crainwater
Description: Y'worry too much, Boss...

Week - 484

Any Job Will Do - Part 02
by crainwater
Description: JETSAM!

Week - 485

Any Job Will Do - Part 03
by crainwater
Description: Anything's safer than Dr. Frank Sloth...

Week - 486

Any Job Will Do - Part 04
by crainwater
Description: In which Neopoints make the world go round.

Week - 487

Any Job Will Do - Part 05
by crainwater
Description: Not Commander Garoo, Sir, that would be bad, Sir ...

Week - 488

Any Job Will Do - Part 06
by crainwater
Description: It will take more than a few kids to get rid of me...

Week - 489

Any Job Will Do - Part 07
by crainwater
Description: It's called a KILT!

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