A Yurble stole my cinnamon roll! Circulation: 184,867,938 Issue: 488 | 1st day of Eating, Y13
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Week - 432

Vegetating: Restock Fears
by rain_e_days
Description: Yet another reason to stay away from those restockers.

Week - 439

Vegetating: Invisible Incidents
by rain_e_days
Description: Looks can be deceiving...

Week - 443

Vegetating: Meeting the Tax Beast
by rain_e_days
Description: In the end, the mother always triumphs...

Week - 482

The Substitute
by rain_e_days
Description: Even the Money Tree deserves a day off... :3

Week - 488

Destination: Jelly World
by rain_e_days
Description: I've found it!

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