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Week - 475

The Greatest Treasure: Part One
by masaryk_the_mad
Description: "Kat, what is it?" the sleepy Christmas Chia muttered.

"You have to get ready. We're going camping today, remember?" Kat asked.

Also by bluerang1

Week - 476

The Greatest Treasure: Part Two
by masaryk_the_mad
Description: Kitthie was kneeling in front of the smaller tent in which the pets had stored their food. With a note of devastation in her voice, she replied, "All our food! It's gone!"

Also by bluerang1

Week - 477

The Greatest Treasure: Part Three
by masaryk_the_mad
Description: "I took the liberty of renting a row boat for us to use today, while all of you were still asleep," Kat called to her friends...

Also by bluerang1

Week - 478

The Greatest Treasure: Part Four
by masaryk_the_mad
Description: "I'm not staying on the boat!" Cheikz fumed, and he stomped off into the woods.

Also by bluerang1

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