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Week - 385

Foiled Again
by xxkatiexx_07
Description: Excellent indeed.

Week - 384

Illusen's Day Off
by xxkatiexx_07
Description: Uh oh.

Week - 393

Foiled Again
by xxkatiexx_07
Description: I don't think Dr. Sloth thought that one through...

Week - 426

Foiled Again: Where is Sloth Now?
by xxkatiexx_07
Description: *meep*

Week - 450

How to Navigate the Harsh Seas of Dubloon Disaster
by xxkatiexx_07
Description: If you follow my steps, you will be able to claim that dashing scallywag of an avatar for your very own!

Week - 455

How to Play the Stock Market
by xxkatiexx_07
Description: The lazy Neopian's guide to riches!

Week - 458

Foiled Again
by xxkatiexx_07
Description: What happened?

Concept by viperlina

Week - 463

How to Play World Challenges
by xxkatiexx_07
Description: Learning how to make the most out of games.

Week - 477

Foiled Again: Something has Happened!
by xxkatiexx_07
Description: So that's what it means...

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