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Week - 243

The Sleeper's Wave
by linda_reincarnated
Description: "The end of the world is coming, is it?" she asked innocently. The Eyrie nodded briskly and grabbed his sign...

Week - 403

High and Lifted Up
by linda_reincarnated
Description: He hated boring-ness. He hated grey-ness. He hated spells. He wanted fun.

Week - 429

Awakening: Part One
by linda_reincarnated
Description: "Faerieland?!" Raven repeated, flicking her shadowy tail in disgust. "Are you insane?"

Week - 430

Awakening: Part Two
by linda_reincarnated
Description: "What makes you think dark faeries like Jhudora have as much compassion as dungeon masters?"

Week - 431

Awakening: Part Three
by linda_reincarnated
Description: "That's Queen Fyora to you! Show some respect, street rat!"

Week - 432

Awakening: Part Four
by linda_reincarnated
Description: A muffled thump drew Jhudora from her thoughts. She glanced at the door, annoyed.

Week - 433

Awakening: Part Five
by linda_reincarnated
Description: The faerie bent down, so the Shoyru could see the scowl on her face. "I don't know what your name is, Prisoner," she growled...

Week - 434

Awakening: Part Six
by linda_reincarnated
Description: It began to rain stars...

Week - 475

Unrest: Part One
by linda_reincarnated
Description: "Knowledge has its price... "

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