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Week - 438

Unis and Ukalis: To Find a Friend
by uberdancingdolphin
Description: On the front stoop of her shop was a bedraggled looking little Ukali...

Week - 447

The Worth of a Red Quiggle
by uberdancingdolphin
Description: She isn't even painted. Just a plain red Quiggle.

Week - 451

Alysia's Destiny: Part One
by uberdancingdolphin
Description: "Alysia!" he exclaimed through a mouth of powdery pastry. "Great to see you! Have you bet yet?"

Week - 452

Alysia's Destiny: Part Two
by uberdancingdolphin
Description: "I almost got captured by Grarrls, I'm being taken somewhere by a Neopet I've never met before in my life, I'm miles away from home, and completely exhausted! And you're telling me not to be upset!?"

Week - 453

Alysia's Destiny: Part Three
by uberdancingdolphin
Description: "You... you kidnapper!! Let me go! Someone will realize I'm missing and send the Defenders of Neopia after you..."

Week - 454

Alysia's Destiny: Part Four
by uberdancingdolphin
Description: As we walked through the gloomy forest, I began to see a dark shape take form through the patches of sky visible beneath the canopy.

"Pellinor's fortress," Jester whispered softly in my ear.

Week - 455

Alysia's Destiny: Part Five
by uberdancingdolphin
Description: "You're forgetting one thing, though," I said. Jester and Lyra both turned to me. "The prophecy. I'm supposed to defeat Pellinor."

Week - 460

Writing a Story: The Beginners Guide
by uberdancingdolphin
Description: You'll never know if you can get published if you don't try. So what are you waiting for?

Week - 470

The Meaning of Family
by uberdancingdolphin
Description: "Are we there yet?"

I groaned. That was the twenty-fourth time Maya had asked. Honest, I was keeping track.

Week - 471

The Kreludorian Eclipse
by uberdancingdolphin
Description: Lilly rolled in her swivel chair away from her writing desk and groaned, throwing her pen onto her Neopian Times writing pad. She was fresh out of ideas.

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