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Week - 308

Usul Tales: The Ghost Of Locker 13
by iris220_ll
Description: "What about my locker? It's RUINED! I can't put my things back in there!"

Week - 313

Usul Tales: The Rubber Ducky Of Doom
by iris220_ll
Description: Gabby stopped crying for a moment, looking up at her older sister with teary eyes, then burst into cries once again...

Week - 408

Extreme Difficulty: Part One
by iris220_ll
Description: I hear an audible slam downstairs that makes the entire house shake. Traders are usually angry when they leave...

Week - 409

Extreme Difficulty: Part Two
by iris220_ll
Description: "Don't," Kim says, kicking open the door, "mess with this family."

Week - 410

Extreme Difficulty: Part Three
by iris220_ll
Description: "No," I whisper, then shriek: "No!"

Jenna turns around and faces me. She's holding another one of those potions.

Week - 411

Extreme Difficulty: Part Four
by iris220_ll
Description: "Violet," Ari says, taking in a deep breath, "Jenna's gone home."

Week - 416

Shadows: Part One
by iris220_ll
Description: "Promise, Mae, promise. You have to promise or I won't trust you ever again."

Week - 417

Shadows: Part Two
by iris220_ll
Description: "Ssh, it's okay, Tim. You're safe. The shadows won't ever get you. I won't let them."

Week - 418

Shadows: Part Three
by iris220_ll
Description: Mae gritted her teeth. Of course he'd pick one of the darkest parts of the room to hide from the shadows.

Week - 419

Shadows: Part Four
by iris220_ll
Description: She had just unearthed a memory that she had intended to be buried for forever...

Week - 420

Shadows: Part Five
by iris220_ll
Description: The walk to Olivia's tiny cottage only took five minutes - during good weather. During rainfall, it was harder to distinguish the landmarks of the Haunted Woods...

Week - 421

Shadows: Part Six
by iris220_ll
Description: Sixteen-year-old Mae was sitting in her bedroom, trying to remember something. Her forgetfulness had grown incredibly over the years...

Week - 433

Star in a Lantern: Part One
by iris220_ll
Description: Sherry's gaze instantly dropped to the ground. That's when Tammy knew that something was wrong.

Week - 434

Star in a Lantern: Part Two
by iris220_ll
Description: Today, Rose, the kindly pink Uni who works in the Pound, came up to me. "Somebody's interested in adopting you," she said...

Week - 462

The Sorcery Society: Part One
by iris220_ll
Description: "GUYS! GET OUT OF THERE! NOW!" We all knew it was Ancti's voice. But we didn't have much time to think about her demand.

Week - 463

The Sorcery Society: Part Two
by iris220_ll
Description: "Merah is obsessed with the whole magic thing now. She's bought all these books - real books, actually, about magic and becoming a sorceress or whatever."

Week - 464

The Sorcery Society: Part Three
by iris220_ll
Description: I made my way over to the reference section, where a petite Faerie Gelert, dressed in a lavender dress with her long, straight brown hair tied into a soft bun, was checking off boxes on a clipboard.

Week - 465

The Sorcery Society: Part Four
by iris220_ll
Description: I watched the baby Uni merrily play with her new dolls, trying not to let my gaze be drawn towards the thin paperback book with the plum-colored cover...

Week - 466

The Sorcery Society: Part Five
by iris220_ll
Description: "So, why in the world does a shadow Wocky such as yourself have my son's journal?"

Week - 467

The Sorcery Society: Part Six
by iris220_ll
Description: "Eighty-four?" she asked wearily. "There hasn't been a house eighty-four on this street since ten years ago, when the Vendettes lived there..."

Week - 468

The Sorcery Society: Part Seven
by iris220_ll
Description: I had four items. Ru's watch; Merah's ring; Ancti's bracelet; and Vidla's earring.

But it wasn't the time to use them; not quite.

Week - 469

The Sorcery Society: Part Eight
by iris220_ll
Description: I felt like I wasn't ready. I didn't feel ready to actually meet the main character of this story.

Week - 470

The Sorcery Society: Part Nine
by iris220_ll
Description: "Really, Athy!" Citrus squeaked. "Emmie was here - and she was also glowy - and then she just went... poof!"

Week - 471

The Sorcery Society: Part Ten
by iris220_ll
Description: Saying that I wanted to strangle Jhidaya at that moment would be an understatement.

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