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Week - 451

Somewhere to Belong
by xaetear
Description: She wasn't exactly like other Sandans, belonging to a Neopet who took care of her. She didn't have an owner, so she wandered around Neopia Central, hoping a kind, thoughtful Neopet would see her and keep her.

Week - 461

The Secret of Geraptiku: Part One
by xaetear
Description: I sighed wistfully. What I would give to be in warm, sunny Mystery Island already....

Week - 462

The Secret of Geraptiku: Part Two
by xaetear
Description: "So, you're awake now, little Neopet. What is your name?" The voice was incredibly nice, and I'm not sure why I wasn't scared...

Week - 463

The Secret of Geraptiku: Part Three
by xaetear
Description: "Really, do you think, even if there was a trap, that it'd be that elaborate?"

Week - 464

The Secret of Geraptiku: Part Four
by xaetear
Description: "If there wasn't one definite way to leave, there would be other ways to leave, because there always has to be a way to do something."

Week - 465

The Secret of Geraptiku: Part Five
by xaetear
Description: "A treasure chest?" I laughed. "No way."

Week - 466

The Secret of Geraptiku: Part Six
by xaetear
Description: "The magma Cybunny must have been put here by the dark faerie..."

Week - 467

The Secret of Geraptiku: Part Seven
by xaetear
Description: "Don't worry," Milk said out loud, as if trying to convince himself. "We'll get her somehow..."

Week - 468

The Secret of Geraptiku: Part Eight
by xaetear
Description: "I'm glad you're awake finally." She was a grey faerie, I could tell by her grey hair and her ruined looking wings.

Week - 469

The Secret of Geraptiku: Part Nine
by xaetear
Description: "Not everybody you appear to trust is showing their true intentions."

Week - 470

The Secret of Geraptiku: Part Ten
by xaetear
Description: Milk grabbed my arm and, making sure he had my attention, sent me an intense look that I've gotten from Xaea a lot. Don't do anything stupid.

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