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Week - 188

Oh Joyous For Me-ous
by xtrat
Description: A waste of NP?

Also idea by dragoncatcher_sammy and smudgeoffudge

Week - 289

My Little Home Wrecker
by smudgeoffudge
Description: Their great size makes navigating small areas challenging. Simply turning around or backing up can dislodge small trees or knock over furniture. When one is a baby Tonu, it can only be so much worse...

Week - 464

The Perfect Color
by smudgeoffudge
Description: Quarrye couldn't wait to try it out.

Week - 467

Hay, It's Halloween
by smudgeoffudge
Description: He had just settled under his quilts and was drifting off to sleep, when he began to hear a strange sound.

Week - 470

Tale of... Whoa, that was unexpected!
by smudgeoffudge
Description: Most of Neovia has become rather bland, but there are rumors of things that go bump in the night. Whenever someone is suspicious of their neighbor, they send me to investigate.

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