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Week - 349

NeoQuest II: Encounters in the Haunted Woods
by dyd_666_81
Description: When illustrators take it too literally...

Week - 354

NeoQuest II: Mipsy's Secret
by dyd_666_81
Description: What's behind Mipsy's most famous quote?

Week - 360

NeoQuest II: Never mess with Mipsy
by dyd_666_81
Description: "The next time something bites me, it's going to get set on fire."

Week - 364

NeoQuest II: Shopping in Phorofor
by dyd_666_81
Description: You are attacked by two dust merchants and...

Week - 365

NeoQuest II Evolution: Advanced Sneaking Mode
by dyd_666_81
Description: A new movement mode allows Rohane and the others to roam unnoticed across the acts.

Week - 369

NeoQuest II: Between a rock and a hard place
by dyd_666_81
Description: Tip of the day: always choose your spells wisely.

Week - 371

NeoQuest II: a (s)warm welcome
by dyd_666_81
Description: You are attacked by a cloud of flea(f)s.

Week - 373

NeoQuest II: Conditioned Reflexes
by dyd_666_81
Description: One day, in the Ice Caves...

Week - 372

NeoQuest II: XMAS special
by dyd_666_81
Description: Let the Spirit of Christmas flow in you.

Week - 375

What if...?
by dyd_666_81
Description: How would you feel?

Week - 378

NeoQuest II: Avatar Frenzy
by dyd_666_81
Description: Recipe of the day: avatar!

Week - 470

What if...?
by dyd_666_81
Description: ...the lab ray was malfunctioning?

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