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Week - 362

Kacheeks Can Play Trumpet?
by laurapet131
Description: "You know, the concert's next week and I have a dozen tests. I'm going to have to make band period a study hall and practice at home."

Week - 370

No Choice
by laurapet131
Description: I have nothing. I start from scratch every day, scrambling to recover what I have lost.

Week - 389

Battle of the Band Geeks
by laurapet131
Description: We all turned to look at our rivals... the drummers. Brazen, obnoxious, and annoying, they made it their sole purpose in life to put us down.

Week - 399

Save the Band Geeks!
by laurapet131
Description: We could tell immediately something was wrong.

Week - 433

by laurapet131
Description: I have not had my memory, my mind, for four years... and that is in your measurement of time. Time creeps slowly, immeasurably slowly, for me...

Week - 434

Drummer's Salute
by laurapet131
Description: See, drummers aren't so bad. :3

Week - 441

22 Instruments to Make You 97% Cooler
by laurapet131
Description: Because I'm just that nice, I have compiled a list of the coolest instruments in Neopia.

Week - 458

Neopian Trend Watch: Back to School
by laurapet131
Description: Remember: Basic White Shirt.

Week - 468

Marching - A Band Geek Story
by laurapet131
Description: It was only the second day of band camp, and I was already wishing for it to be over.

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