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Week - 418

Top Ten Ways to Celebrate Neopets' Birthday
by ellbot1998
Description: You don't need a huge party to have fun on Neopets' birthday!

Week - 433

The Issue #336 Mystery
by ellbot1998
Description: He never points to the left... Or does he?

Week - 442

From a Rock to a Hard Place: Part One
by ellbot1998
Description: "Some higher force wants us to have this new, better place!" he always claimed. "Why should we try to escape it?"

Week - 443

From a Rock to a Hard Place: Part Two
by ellbot1998
Description: "Prisoners #3410 and #3411 to transmogrification unit B-64."

Week - 444

From a Rock to a Hard Place: Part Three
by ellbot1998
Description: "Each individual I heal always has the same tale of awakening, but never the same tale of escape."

Week - 445

From a Rock to a Hard Place: Part Four
by ellbot1998
Description: "Not now; we'd probably be caught. I think we'd better follow them."

Week - 446

From a Rock to a Hard Place: Part Five
by ellbot1998
Description: "Where do you think YOU'RE going?"

Week - 447

From a Rock to a Hard Place: Part Six
by ellbot1998
Description: As Axle punched a button on the last device, I heard a shout of, "Redd, is that you?"

Week - 448

From a Rock to a Hard Place: Part Seven
by ellbot1998
Description: 'So you finally caught on to me.'

Week - 467

Hot Herb Tea and a Happy Ending: Part One
by ellbot1998
Description: "And the next Xweetok to receive my magic will grow wings," she echoed.

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