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Week - 455

The Forest Daughter: Part One
by misshoginpitt
Description: I have fallen into a dull routine. Sure, it may sound exciting, being brought up by faeries, but it isn't if that is all you've ever known.

Week - 456

The Forest Daughter: Part Two
by misshoginpitt
Description: I will fly to Meridell, complete my tasks there, and return to Fyora for the final ingredient. Should I tell her where I am going?

Week - 457

Also Known as Ettie: Part One
by misshoginpitt
Description: Some might think being the only daughter of one of the top Knights of Meridell would be a little more glamorous, but I suppose I wasn't your ordinary knight's daughter.

Week - 458

Also Known as Ettie: Part Two
by misshoginpitt
Description: The next day we spent planning. Since Natha knew the prisoners better, she was the one sent to talk to them. We decided that the flying pets would carry the rest out.

Week - 461

Bethie and Taropa
by misshoginpitt
Description: The Cybunny glared. "What do you want, earth faerie?"

Week - 462

Neopian Times Cookbook - The Ingredients
by misshoginpitt
Description: So you want to be a Neopian Times writer! Easy as pie, right!? Exactly. Pie isn't always all that easy to make.

Week - 464

by misshoginpitt
Description: "Don't you think the sunbeams are beautiful? That they're just like what a song would look like, if you could see it?"

Week - 465

Story of a Zombie: Part One
by misshoginpitt
Description: I slid into the room and sat down next to a rainbow Ruki. He immediately scooched his chair away from me.

Also by alcatraz_the_amazing

Week - 466

Story of a Zombie: Part Two
by misshoginpitt
Description: "Ugh, a zombie! What is he doing here?"

Also by alcatraz_the_amazing

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