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Week - 367

The Addictive Auction House
by amysmother_8
Description: If you have never been to the auction house, then you're missing out on some great items.

Week - 424

The Perfect Pound Pet!
by amysmother_8
Description: Good luck in finding YOUR dream pet!

Week - 423

In Search of the Perfect Christmas Tree
by amysmother_8
Description: "I don't want 'good enough'! I want the best!" he screamed, making all of the customers stare at them.

Week - 437

The Remarkable Rainbow
by amysmother_8
Description: "Well, logically there is no possible way for a rainbow to be here without any sunlight. Yet there is always a rainbow, no matter what the weather is..."

Week - 449

What These Neolodge Hotels Are Really Like: Review!
by amysmother_8
Description: Scoring of each hotel is based on the great personal opinion of waddles_a65. Don't forget hotel amenities cost extra!

Week - 466

Third Times the Charm
by amysmother_8
Description: Too late, Waddles!

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