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Week - 461

Magic Vs. Money: Part One
by al_bester
Description: In the dreary dimness of the swamp, a green Ixi woman in patchwork clothes and a pointed, broad-brimmed hat made her way through the trees, paying barely any attention to the mangy meowclops following after her.

Week - 462

Magic Vs. Money: Part Two
by al_bester
Description: "Be it ever so humble,' Sophie thought aloud as she came in sight of her shack, 'there's no place like home."

Week - 463

Magic Vs. Money: Part Three
by al_bester
Description: The front door of NeoCorp headquarters slid open with an oddly malevolent whoosh as she came up to it, then shut behind her with the same vaguely threatening sound.

Week - 464

Magic Vs. Money: Part Four
by al_bester
Description: Sophie walked slowly away from NeoCorp Headquarters, thinking to herself. She'd made a few mistakes in confronting Mr. Mogul...

Week - 465

Magic Vs. Money: Part Five
by al_bester
Description: "I saved his life a few years ago, so he owes me a favor."

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