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Week - 404

Outfit Outrage: the Advantage of Mutant
by agentwerehog
Description: You have no idea...

Week - 438

Glowing Hands
by agentwerehog
Description: Nothing comes as a surprise if you are electric blue.

Week - 442

The Fastest
by agentwerehog
Description: Transportation of several speedy neopets.

Week - 444

The Power
by agentwerehog
Description: You just got space rocked!

Week - 452

Yooyuball Champion
by agentwerehog
Description: It takes guts... and a bigger purse.

Week - 456

Balloon Bother
by agentwerehog
Description: The downside to the new wearable.

Week - 457

Ghost Drive
by agentwerehog
Description: While on a drive in the Haunted Woods...

Week - 458

Sloth's Excuse
by agentwerehog
Description: Happy Mutant Day and Grundo Independence Day!

Week - 464

How to Save a Spot on the Party Guest List Part 1/4
by agentwerehog
Description: The first and best method.

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