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Week - 366

Robiian's Werelupe Adventure
by phadalusfish
Description: "Then where are we going?"

"Into the Woods."

Silence followed, deathly silence.

Week - 368

A Treatise on Controversy: Quitters and Key Quest
by phadalusfish
Description: Not everyone gets what they want all the time, and this is where the biggest problem seems to arise: people quitting.

Week - 370

Xavier's Quest: Part One
by phadalusfish
Description: There were no celebrations to be found: no lights, no decorated trees, no singing from the Cliffhanger cliffs. Surely someone had noticed by now. Surely someone on Terror Mountain had realized what time of year it was.

Week - 371

Xavier's Quest: Part Two
by phadalusfish
Description: Xavier started to panic. He spun around in circles, looking for anything that wasn't white or fluffy, but there was only snow.

Week - 372

Xavier's Quest: Part Three
by phadalusfish
Description: Sarasan surveyed the mound. He'd sorted out ten Ultra Icy Neggs. "Well. Now how do we get them all down?"

Week - 373

Xavier's Quest: Part Four
by phadalusfish
Description: He glanced up toward the cavern's ceiling, trying to gauge what time it was. Not that knowing will do me any good, he thought. I don't know when the Snowager sleeps.

Week - 374

Xavier's Quest: Part Five
by phadalusfish
Description: "Well, did you ever think of talking to the Negg Faerie about it? Maybe you two can work things out."

Week - 462

Gormball: Taking Down the Championships
by phadalusfish
Description: Gormball requires extreme acts of athleticism, such as juggling, tossing, catching, and getting wet without making a scene.

Week - 463

Key Quest: For (Fun and) Profit
by phadalusfish
Description: Key Quest may well be Neopia's best-kept secret.

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