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Week - 327

Home Sweet Shenkuu #1
by desert_gp_dragon2oo5
Description: Aren't Jelly Neohome Rooms supposed to be purple?

Week - 374

Techopalooza #1
by desert_gp_dragon2oo5
Description: Help?

Week - 387

Techopalooza #2
by desert_gp_dragon2oo5
Description: ...Is suffering from 'Bubbles!'

Week - 460

The Tales of Maraqua: Part One
by desert_gp_dragon2oo5
Description: As the hours passed, however, the whirlpool expanded. Day turned into night...

Art by desert_gp_dragon2oo5

Week - 461

The Tales of Maraqua: Part Two
by desert_gp_dragon2oo5
Description: Then the whirlpool came.

Art by desert_gp_dragon2oo5

Week - 462

The Tales of Maraqua: Part Three
by desert_gp_dragon2oo5
Description: "Hey, Alafey, watch this!" I saw Tippin swing his Maractite-bladed spear cleanly through a coral pole.

Art by desert_gp_dragon2oo5

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