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Week - 365

The Real Dark Faeries
by a_greenparrot
Description: Do not make the same mistakes I did.

Week - 369

Kindred Spirits
by a_greenparrot
Description: "No, that's silly. I am the Swamp Witch; I don't take vacations."

Week - 370

The Perfect Petpet for Sophie
by a_greenparrot
Description: Sophie had been on her own for almost a year now. She was carefully reading one of the many spell books she had found in the old shed...

Week - 374

Secrets in the Lost Desert: Part One
by a_greenparrot
Description: Nabile threw down the letter and answered, "This isn't like Princess Amira. Why would she randomly start a war with Khmatef? It almost sounds like she is threatening us."

Week - 375

Secrets in the Lost Desert: Part Two
by a_greenparrot
Description: They were close to the princess's tower when Nabile gasped, "It's Horace!"

Week - 376

Secrets in the Lost Desert: Part Three
by a_greenparrot
Description: "Sankara," yelled Dacon, "not only are you a heartless monster, but a coward."

Week - 377

A Bad Experience
by a_greenparrot
Description: The dark swamp would scare most Neopians, but not Sophie. She had never feared the dark...

Week - 381

Sophie versus The Neopian Times
by a_greenparrot
Description: Today was Friday, one of the seven days a week that Sophie preferred to sleep in.

Week - 382

A Defender's Fear
by a_greenparrot
Description: Invisibelle dodged to the left to avoid a kick from Judge Hog.

Week - 386

Secrets in Shenkuu: Part One
by a_greenparrot
Description: Princess Lunara gazed out of her window as another flying ship pulled into the dock.

Week - 387

Secrets in Shenkuu: Part Two
by a_greenparrot
Description: Solara skilfully scaled the wall outside her window. She had had years of practice finding holds. In no time she was on the ground...

Week - 388

Secrets in Shenkuu: Part Three
by a_greenparrot
Description: "Princess Lunara, what are you doing in the kitchen?" he inquired. "This is a place for servants and chefs, not princesses."

Week - 384

Replacing Illusen
by a_greenparrot
Description: The Earth Faerie stood up and paced around her glade. She still had a bit of a dilemma...

Week - 392

Being Gilly
by a_greenparrot
Description: "I just don't understand her," said Sophie to any Meowclopses in the room. "How can she be so cheerful and smiley all the time?"

Week - 389

Another Chance: Part One
by a_greenparrot
Description: An Earth Faerie was foolishly wandering the Haunted Woods alone. Soon she would be in a bottle for sale.

Week - 390

Another Chance: Part Two
by a_greenparrot
Description: "Of course, she's wrong; Balthazar will never change," sneered Ilere.

Week - 391

Another Chance: Part Three
by a_greenparrot
Description: I couldn't believe it; this Water Faerie was offering me a free chance to heal myself.

Week - 394

Faeries: Before the Fame - Part One
by a_greenparrot
Description: Fyora drummed her fingers on her desk as she waited for her class to start. Teaching new faeries was her favourite task...

Week - 395

Faeries: Before the Fame - Part Two
by a_greenparrot
Description: "Well, like it or not, it is a requirement if you want to graduate," pointed out Fyora.

Week - 396

Faeries: Before the Fame - Part Three
by a_greenparrot
Description: "What's wrong, Sleeper? Didn't you get enough sleep in class?" taunted the Air Faerie.

Week - 397

Faeries: Before the Fame - Part Four
by a_greenparrot
Description: The Light Faerie looked miserable, as if she had spent the last few hours weeping. "Celeste, I'm worried about Zoë," she stated gravely.

Week - 399

Sophie versus the Existence of Jelly World
by a_greenparrot
Description: Once somebody says that Jelly World is real, you know that they are immeasurably insane.

Week - 401

Sophie versus the Altador Cup
by a_greenparrot
Description: Sophie turned to face that blue, raging Techo and demanded, "Pipe down! I can barely hear myself think."

Week - 443

Memories of the PPL: Samrin's New Home
by a_greenparrot
Description: "It all started on an ordinary day," Samrin began, "as do most adventures..."

Week - 450

The Neopian Times 450 Extravaganza
by a_greenparrot
Description: "Today I will be talking to some of the Neopian Times' most well-known recurring comic characters."

Week - 461

Paparazzi: Part One
by a_greenparrot
Description: I don't know how many years it has been since Dr. Sloth shut me down and put me away.

Week - 462

Paparazzi: Part Two
by a_greenparrot
Description: Okay, so, I'm on my first assignment ever. That's right, the first assignment of Peppi Pansy. I definitely like the sound of that.

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