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Week - 456

The Hero From Meridell: Part One
by seuzy13
Description: He wanted to quit and go back inside for the day, but he knew he couldn't. This year's crops were growing poorly, and if he did not tend to them every day, he was almost certain he would lose them.

Also by bestpet21

Week - 457

The Hero From Meridell: Part Two
by seuzy13
Description: "A message?" Zamrin asked in confusion. "About what? Who would possibly want or need to leave me a message? I'm just a simple farmer."

Also by bestpet21

Week - 458

The Hero From Meridell: Part Three
by seuzy13
Description: Zamrin ducked back around the corner when he saw the space ship. Why were they here?

Also by bestpet21

Week - 459

The Hero From Meridell: Part Four
by seuzy13
Description: "And when you do this for us, Zamrin, you'll be known everywhere as a hero. Your name will go down in history. This is the kind of opportunity that only a fool would let pass by."

Also by bestpet21

Week - 460

The Hero From Meridell: Part Five
by seuzy13
Description: "I was hoping you would send me into the field with Zamrin. After all, two swordsmen are better than one."

Also by bestpet21

Week - 461

The Hero From Meridell: Part Six
by seuzy13
Description: "What are you doing here? Where's the Eyrie?" He didn't sound happy. He really had no reason to be happy.

Also by bestpet21

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