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Week - 440

Help! I Have Too Many Neggs!
by preencessno
Description: It's a Gelert eat Gelert world out there.

Week - 441

Shopping for Fyora
by preencessno
Description: Fyora's birthday is mere months away.

Week - 446

How I Got Banned From Kelp
by preencessno
Description: It started off as an totally non-havoc causing trip to Kelp, necessitated by a certain, uh, trouble in the kitchen at my Neohome.

Week - 447

Why Everyone Should Loiter Around Rubbish
by preencessno
Description: Well, I was sceptical, but I like free stuff.

Week - 451

The Problem with Baby Pets
by preencessno
Description: Caring for baby pets can be a problem. It is still very much worthwhile -- just look at their widdle faces, aaaawwww -- but it isn't all sunshine and rainbows, I can tell you.

Week - 456

How To Cook: A Guide for Pets
by preencessno
Description: Lapandine, master chef, is here to save your taste buds.

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