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Week - 394

by lilbluespoons
Description: Poor peas, so tortured!

Week - 399

by lilbluespoons
Description: And you could see the strawberry juice running down his chin...

Week - 409

Chokatotic - The Offer
by lilbluespoons
Description: She made him an offer he couldn't refuse.

Week - 410

Chokatotic - Cha-ching!
by lilbluespoons
Description: 700 million you say?!

Week - 416

Chokatotic - Boo!
by lilbluespoons
Description: Gut-wrenchingly spooky? Well... it's gut-wrenching.

Week - 437

Chokatotic - Fool Me Once...
by lilbluespoons
Description: Are you calling me a fool??

Week - 438

Chokatotic - It's more of a Salmon, really...
by lilbluespoons
Description: It's a manly color!

Week - 449

by lilbluespoons
Description: What do you mean use a calendar?!?!

Week - 450

by lilbluespoons
Description: *sob* .... *wail*

Week - 456

by lilbluespoons
Description: Seriously... that's where you are going with this??

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