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Week - 170

One December Evening...
by taipeiss
Description: Without noticing the change, they had darted through another thick layering of trees and over a bare, snowy landscape, soon speeding through yet more rows of trees...

Week - 200

Lucky Two Hundred
by taipeiss
Description: She fluttered her leathery black wings, and then glanced back at the calendar before breaking into a grin. "Krawk Island with Jay" was penned for the day in dark green ink...

Week - 202

Dear Akira, Dear Rosetta
by taipeiss
Description: I can't wait until you come for a visit! Neopian Central is really different from Mystery Island, but I'm sure you'll like it...

Also by sensei_fuzzy

Week - 300

30 Ways to Celebrate 300
by taipeiss
Description: Throw a parade! Get all of your friends and march up and down the street, playing musical instruments and tossing copies of the Times to the crowd!

Week - 306

Flight: Part One
by taipeiss
Description: The plushie was odd, to say the least, but something about me loved it...

Week - 307

Flight: Part Two
by taipeiss
Description: I flashed an unapologetic smile back and removed my raincoat, tossing it over the back of the chair next to me as if I more than belonged here...

Week - 308

Flight: Part Three
by taipeiss
Description: "Um, hi Mindi. What're you doing here?" My face, I'm sure, wore a look of confusion and interest...

Week - 311

Unstocked: One Writer's Restocking Ineptitude
by taipeiss
Description: Cursed with the slowest of slow connections (yeah, dial-up still exists), I gave up on the idea...

Week - 310

by taipeiss
Description: The two strangers smiled, and the Blue Aisha repeated himself. "What we're doing," he said as he handed her a sheet of paper holding the names of a few dozen magazines, "is..."

Week - 315

Halloween is for Tricksters
by taipeiss
Description: "We don't have to go trespassing on some property out in the middle of nowhere to enjoy the spirit of the night!"

Week - 323

Kristoff's Wish
by taipeiss
Description: The Cloud Lenny sighed. It was Christmas time again. Many Pets wished and longed and dreamed of being rich for the holiday season, of how happy all the money could make them...

Week - 324

New Year, New Resolutions
by taipeiss
Description: Lindy was about to compare her list of completed resolutions with Tanya and reveal that she had accomplished... nothing.

Week - 336

Neoschool: The Space Conundrum
by taipeiss
Description: While educating all of Neopia is a wonderful and noble plan, a question of how all of these Pets will fit into Neoschool rises into the mind.

Week - 400

Unlucky Issue Four Hundred
by taipeiss
Description: The magazine was the four hundredth issue of "Neopia Fashion Monthly," and it lay open to the page that had just informed Phairix that her long trunk was just not "in."

Week - 405

The Adventures of Daine - Telescreens and Skating
by taipeiss
Description: "Ten minutes. THIS MANY MINUTES, MOMMY!" The Ixi held up both of her hooves and shook them, totally unaware that she had no fingers.

Week - 406

The Adventures of Daine - Copier v3.0
by taipeiss
Description: "Easy peasy," Daine assured her. "Our Grundo homie in there uses these weirdo powers to psychically zap us onto the Space Station. Watch!"

Week - 454

Keeping Up With the Times
by taipeiss
Description: So here I am, twenty one, with four pets that can't be who they used to be and hanging on to names that make me facepalm. What to do?

Week - 455

by taipeiss
Description: Kitten was a large male Skeith who didn't take flack from anyone.

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