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Week - 280

Cry of the Angel: Part One
by st83_star174
Description: "Come on, May. If you just play with people of your species, you'll never get a va-ri-e-ty of friends," Nicole pleaded...

Week - 281

Cry of the Angel: Part Two
by st83_star174
Description: First, May gulped down every last drop of liquid from the magic vial. Then she poured the morphing potion into the vial...

Week - 282

Cry of the Angel: Part Three
by st83_star174
Description: "Of course!" May said before Nicole could open her mouth. "Is it okay if you sleep in my closet? The center is really roomy and kinda comfy..."

Week - 448

Fuzzy Sweater
by st83_star174
Description: "That was the very last one in that colour," ST explained, "and it was just your size."

Week - 454

Beauty and the Xweetoks: Part One
by st83_star174
Description: May took it upon herself to morph everyone into Xweetoks. But Tess had refused, leaving her on her own – and let's face it, everyone looks stupid giving insults to the popular girls alone.

Week - 455

Beauty and the Xweetoks: Part Two
by st83_star174
Description: "So, what're we gonna do about lunch duty with the Uni Crew?" May asked.

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