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Week - 331

Eat the Madness
by umbreon54399
Description: Waffles.

Week - 335

Eat the Madness
by umbreon54399
Description: Orange Chicken

Week - 357

Eat the Madness
by umbreon54399
Description: Ever have these moments?

Week - 444

When Bearogs Attack
by umbreon54399
Description: "No, Puppy!" I exclaimed. "If they sell banana pudding there, there must be evil in that shop!"

Week - 445

The Adventure Before Dinner: Part One
by umbreon54399
Description: There are no wise magicians and no great pancake recipes, and the villain is anything but clever.

Week - 446

The Adventure Before Dinner: Part Two
by umbreon54399
Description: The ice cream made one huge leap, and it collided straight into the wall and fell on its side, and the top fell off.

Week - 447

The Adventure Before Dinner: Part Three
by umbreon54399
Description: "Everybody guards the back way," I told him. "It's the most obvious place for intruders to come. I mean, back doors and back windows and little mouseholes are just begging to let people in! They won't suspect us if we go through the front!"

Week - 448

The Adventure Before Dinner: Part Four
by umbreon54399
Description: "So... you're hiding in a vent that doesn't lead anywhere instead of just sitting in this prison cell that is, like, fifty times bigger."

Week - 449

The Adventure Before Dinner: Part Five
by umbreon54399
Description: "What sort of a Defender of Neopia would I be if I didn't know how to stop a shoot-a-nator?"

Week - 450

67 Ways to Know You're a Loyal User
by umbreon54399
Description: You have been with Neopets through the ups and downs, the rights and lefts, the forwards and backwards, the slants and diagonals, and possibly even a bit of 4-dimensional time travel.

Week - 453

Eat the Madness at the Altador Cup #1
by umbreon54399
Description: Hey, that game is harder than it looks!

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