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Week - 306

16 Dos and Don'ts at a Tea Party
by jenlin_25
Description: If you get to the tea party early, sit down and wait. Don't, I repeat, don't start shoveling food into your mouth!

Week - 328

Guide to Slumber Party Survival
by jenlin_25
Description: You will learn how to avoid sticky situations and, well, basically how to survive a slumber party...

Week - 340

The Island Bake-A-Thon
by jenlin_25
Description: "But seriously, Maraqua, the Island Bake-A-Thon is two days away. It's not like you should start worrying forty-eight hours ahead of time... "

Week - 360

The Kacheek Club: Science Fair Showdown
by jenlin_25
Description: "Ummm, Mr. Noakes? Will we be able to choose our science fair partners?"

Week - 361

The Kacheek Club: The Haunted Teahouse
by jenlin_25
Description: "Look at this!" Xana held up a red brochure with gold trim that was entitled Shenkuu Sights. "It has all sorts of interesting places that we can visit."

Week - 363

The Kacheek Club: Gretta's Revenge - Part One
by jenlin_25
Description: Suddenly it clicked in her mind. "Oh... uhhh... You see, I think there's been a sort of misunderstanding..." She gulped nervously.

Week - 364

The Kacheek Club: Gretta's Revenge - Part Two
by jenlin_25
Description: "Ugh, we've been in here for six hours already," complained Bridgette.

Week - 372

The Kacheek Club: Day of Giving Edition - Part One
by jenlin_25
Description: "Is anyone, uh, kinda nervous about the Happy Holidays project?" Bridgette the Faerie Kacheek asked.

Week - 373

The Kacheek Club: Day of Giving Edition - Part Two
by jenlin_25
Description: "Add a slice of carrot, don't forget the tomato! Toss a dash of pepper to it, then finish off with a potatooo!" Sarina sang at the top of her lungs.

Week - 381

The Kacheek Club: All Because of a Petpetpet Problem
by jenlin_25
Description: "Guess what? My mom and dad gave me a Rainblug farm yesterday," Sarina the Cloud Kacheek told her friends as they walked home from Neoschool.

Week - 395

The Kacheek Club: The Petpet Whisperer
by jenlin_25
Description: "Thanks again for volunteering to take care of my petpets while I'm gone, guys," Olive the Brown Xweetok thanked the Kacheek Club as her parents loaded their suitcases...

Week - 404

The Kacheek Club: A Sabotage Story
by jenlin_25
Description: "The yearly benefit is an effective way to raise money for the Pound. Instead of doing the usual walk-a-thon, I've decided to mix up the rules a bit."

Week - 405

The Kacheek Club: Of Popstars and Coffee Cups
by jenlin_25
Description: "I wonder what Xana's been up to these days," said Bridgette, tearing an advertisement for Raspberry Usuki Gumballs out of her magazine.

Week - 415

The Halloween Hoax: Part One
by jenlin_25
Description: "I told Tiffany that we could hold the party at our Neohome this year!" Dandelion announced, grinning from ear to ear.

Week - 416

The Halloween Hoax: Part Two
by jenlin_25
Description: A giant orange banner that read 'Happy Halloween' in dripping black paint hung from one corner of the ceiling to the other. Dozens of glowing Spyder Lights hung from the walls...

Week - 430

The Kacheek Club: Valentine Detectives Edition - Part One
by jenlin_25
Description: "I'm pretty sure I'm in the lead for the person who's getting the most Valentines this year. I've been keeping tabs on Kalandria's box, too, and it's not even near half as full as mine."

Week - 431

The Kacheek Club: Valentine Detectives Edition - Part Two
by jenlin_25
Description: "How can I not worry? Any one of these pets could be the culprit who snatched my Valentines!" wailed Bridgette.

Week - 443

The Kacheek Club: The Yooyuball Match
by jenlin_25
Description: "What's the big deal with the Altador Cup, anyway?"

Week - 450

The Kacheek Club: An Anniversary Adventure - Part One
by jenlin_25
Description: "Oh yeah, I remember! It all started that day when Bridgette moved here from Faerieland."

Week - 451

The Kacheek Club: An Anniversary Adventure: Part Two
by jenlin_25
Description: It didn't matter that her insides felt like mounds of Strawberry Trifle. Whatever the cost, she knew she had to keep up the 'fake confidence' act if she wanted to prove Gwen and her first-day-of-school predictions wrong.

Week - 452

The Kacheek Club: An Anniversary Adventure: Part Three
by jenlin_25
Description: Xana looked at her in disbelief. "Sarina, why aren't you nervous? I mean, I just caught you red-handed!"

Week - 453

The Kacheek Club: An Anniversary Adventure - Part Four
by jenlin_25
Description: All was almost silent as the four Kacheeks roamed the deserted hallways. "Do you guys hear that sound?" Bridgette wrinkled her nose and looked around...

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