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Week - 417

Changes and Friendship: Part One
by sapphirekira
Description: She was going to start at a new Neoschool, at the beginning of a new school year, and there was no telling what was in store for her.

Week - 418

Changes and Friendship: Part Two
by sapphirekira
Description: By now Sadie and Maylene had realised that they wouldn't be partners, and were talking about switching seats, but they couldn't. Miss Taily was already writing down everyone's names...

Week - 419

Changes and Friendship: Part Three
by sapphirekira
Description: The Aisha wrung her hands uncomfortably. "I've been in the pound four times, for five years in total," she said...

Week - 420

Changes and Friendship: Part Four
by sapphirekira
Description: Jenny pulled her chair over until it was right next to her Neopet, and fixed her with a stern look.

Week - 424

Beyond Games – Different Ways of Making Neopoints
by sapphirekira
Description: Whenever I see someone 'begging' for an item or neopoints on the Help Chat, the most common response is 'work for it'. Work? Games are meant to be fun, not work.

Week - 425

Magical Evil: Part One
by sapphirekira
Description: She had never left Brightvale Castle...

Week - 426

Magical Evil: Part Two
by sapphirekira
Description: In fact, there were no sorcerers or sorceresses in Brightvale, and hadn't been for over two centuries.

Week - 427

Magical Evil: Part Three
by sapphirekira
Description: "This must not happen to Rosalene," he said feverishly. "She must be kept safe. Have you announced her birth to the public yet?"

Week - 428

Magical Evil: Part Four
by sapphirekira
Description: Libby gasped. "You must mean Memphis! We have to go talk to him! Maybe... maybe he's part of Alarisca’s plan!"

Week - 429

Magical Evil: Part Five
by sapphirekira
Description: "None of you are allowed in there," one of the guards said – a ferocious-looking Gelert. He glared at them.

Week - 452

Life in a Snowy Shadow: Part One
by sapphirekira
Description: I am a Petpet -- to be exact, a Snowbunny. If you look at it from my point of view, that's probably the worst Petpet to be of all. Why? Well, I shall tell you.

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