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Week - 411

Battle Tactics
by charybdis7
Description: Ogrin stench?

Week - 413

Smooshing Egos
by charybdis7
Description: "Beat THAT!"

Week - 419

Air Faerie Woes
by charybdis7
Description: But he needed it more!

Week - 422

Defenders of a Feather
by charybdis7
Description: Every new Superhero Team has their problems...

Week - 430

The Secret Society of Lennies
by charybdis7
Description: Other species don't have to deal with this much trouble on THEIR pet days...

Week - 431

Species Rivalries
by charybdis7
Description: "Are Lennys clever? Noooooo!!!! Aishas are much smarter!!!"

Week - 432

Instability Among Defenders
by charybdis7
Description: There'd be no mistaking him for a superhero today.

Week - 435

Defenders of a Feather
by charybdis7
Description: And the moral of the story is... uh... don't annoy Sergeant Cicada?

Week - 436

Defenders of a Feather 1/4
by charybdis7
Description: We find our heroes in the clutches of Neopia's most feared cloud JubJub...

Week - 437

Defenders of a Feather 2/4
by charybdis7
Description: "Evil Genius" and "Creative Genius" are two very different things...

Week - 438

Defenders of a Feather 3/4
by charybdis7
Description: Well, that Hissi is nothing if not persistent...

Week - 439

Defenders of a Feather 4/4
by charybdis7
Description: "And I would've gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling defenders!"

Week - 444

Revert: Demotion Commotion
by charybdis7
Description: Didn't really think this all the way through, did he?

Week - 445

Defenders of a Feather
by charybdis7
Description: It's tough being a Super Villain when you have crazy siblings...

Week - 446

Revert: Yooyu Fumble
by charybdis7
Description: Poor Weldar. Poor Keetra for having to put up with Weldar...

Week - 448

Revert: Fads
by charybdis7
Description: Tomorrow she might be into space-pirates... again...

Week - 451

Defenders of a Feather: A Frosty Encounter 1
by charybdis7
Description: One night in Shenkuu...

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