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Week - 367

Hot Banana Soup: One Person's Trash
by marymao
Description: ...

Collaboration with kosui

Week - 366

Hot Banana Soup: Trick or Treat
by marymao
Description: *sparkle*

Also by kosui

Week - 382

Water Water Everywhere
by marymao
Description: *gasp*

Also by kosui

Week - 407

Maraquan Mishaps - What can you do with a cubefish?
by lily_evans11
Description: What am I supposed to do with all of these?

Also by marymao

Week - 414

Maraquan Mishaps - By the Sea Shore
by lily_evans11
Description: I sell sea shells.

Also by marymao

Week - 416

Kite Strings Halloween
by 1cecubeh
Description: Is this some sort of trick?

Also by marymao

Week - 450

Presents From Above
by marymao
Description: And balloons!

Also by kosui

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