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Week - 334

Secret of Silver Crest: Part One
by laurvail
Description: Terror Mountain's midday sun peeked out through its cover of clouds just for a few moments, giving off very little heat...

Week - 335

Secret of Silver Crest: Part Two
by laurvail
Description: Before they arrived, he'd told Lyara very seriously that he would prefer if no one else knew why he'd left home, and she'd agreed, just as seriously...

Week - 336

Secret of Silver Crest: Part Three
by laurvail
Description: "We are leaving right now." He turned on his heel and strode away from the cave's mouth, secretly relieved to have an excuse to not go in...

Week - 337

Secret of Silver Crest: Part Four
by laurvail
Description: Tiran froze. He had never had the occasion to see the Snowager before...

Week - 338

Secret of Silver Crest: Part Five
by laurvail
Description: Since the medallion was supposedly the symbol of the deal, all Tiran had to do was break it at the place of the summoning in order to revoke the deal. He hoped so, anyway. If not, they were in for a world of trouble...

Week - 406

Island's Own: Part One
by laurvail
Description: "You can stop sulking now," said a voice from behind me, "since it's too late to go back anyway."

Week - 407

Island's Own: Part Two
by laurvail
Description: Lucan and Ryshu had never fought directly, and it was a vicious debate within the school as to who would win if they did.

Week - 408

Island's Own: Part Three
by laurvail
Description: The Techo Master was still giving us the death stare. "I hope you have a good explanation for being in an expressly forbidden area."

Week - 409

Island's Own: Part Four
by laurvail
Description: Grabbing a fallen branch, I positioned myself behind a tree. The crunching footsteps drew closer, and as I saw a snout emerge, I gave a yell and whacked at it with my stick...

Week - 410

Island's Own: Part Five
by laurvail
Description: The more I thought about it, the more the idea of magical protections on Mystery Island started to make sense.

Week - 411

Island's Own: Part Six
by laurvail
Description: I honestly didn't know what I had expected from this place – a control panel, with a button labeled 'press here to activate island defenses,' or maybe a book called 'How to Repel Invaders from Mystery Island in Five Easy Steps.'

Week - 412

Island's Own: Part Seven
by laurvail
Description: I had heard stories about Geraptiku as well, and I was scared I'd have to go inside the tomb and brave the traps, but fortunately, I noticed a small set of stairs...

Week - 413

Island's Own: Part Eight
by laurvail
Description: "This is the worst plan ever," Nella grumbled.

Week - 414

Island's Own: Part Nine
by laurvail
Description: About a foot away was a dark green polished stone, too opaque to be a jewel, but the right size nonetheless. I lunged for it.

Week - 450

Neopian Financial Literacy
by laurvail
Description: Back in the early years of Neopets, your measly half million could get you a full lab map and a faerie paintbrush or two.

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