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Week - 444

Revolution Undercloud: Part One
by tealnova_dragon
Description: Cipher sighed happily. It was a beautiful day in Neopia.

Week - 445

Revolution Undercloud: Part Two
by tealnova_dragon
Description: Getting to Faerieland wasn't as easy as it sounded.

Week - 446

Revolution Undercloud: Part Three
by tealnova_dragon
Description: Sloth led him further into the hallway. "I repeat, this plan is very, very simple..."

Week - 447

Revolution Undercloud: Part Four
by tealnova_dragon
Description: Sloth's eyes glittered and he abruptly stopped laughing. "You," he pointed at Cipher, "are to sabotage the potion."

Week - 448

Revolution Undercloud: Part Five
by tealnova_dragon
Description: "Skye," he whispered heartbrokenly. She didn’t recognize him as who he truly was, and it was like meeting a stranger. A hostile stranger.

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