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Week - 246

Something Fishy...
by aeriel7
Description: Have you ever seen this strange creature in the sea depths and started running for your life in fear? There is no reason to be afraid since it’s only the Ghoti – a joyful, kind and friendly Petpet...

Week - 292

A Brain-Free Life of Spardel
by aeriel7
Description: It is really not a tragedy if you do not have a brain – to the contrary: life is a lot more fun...

Week - 407

by aeriel7
Description: Winter Random Event!!!

Week - 413

Just A Stone's Throw
by aeriel7
Description: Do you think it's far?

Week - 421

Christmas Problems
by aeriel7
Description: I've told you already...

Week - 448

Vonde Cayle: the Brightest Star of the Desert
by aeriel7
Description: Ladies and gentlemen, Altador Cup fans of Neopia, here comes Vonde Cayle, the brightest star of the desert.

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