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Week - 409

Chariot Chasing: A Guide To Keep You In Your Seat!
by chax1414
Description: The Chariots are zooming around the Colosseum today as the New Game Challenge has released the hit game, Chariot Chase!

Week - 413

In The Clouds: A Guide To Extreme Racing
by chax1414
Description: There certainly were many people having a 'smashing good time'.

Week - 417

Tarla - Behind The Avatar
by chax1414
Description: I went onto the avatar boards, and asked around for a 1-10 rating. Many people bustled in to give their review.

Week - 432

When Disaster Strikes!
by chax1414
Description: What to have when disaster strikes.

Week - 434

The Cockroach Towers
by chax1414
Description: "That's odd, but it appears that you reserved the Cockroach Towers instead."

Week - 436

Daily Dare 2010 Conclusion
by chax1414
Description: AAA and Abigail have ended their Daily Dare, and have awarded our their prizes.

Week - 438

Legend of Brightvale
by chax1414
Description: "I'm proud to announce that we are opening a new game on these fields today..."

Week - 441

Potion 319: Part One
by chax1414
Description: "I told you, not one of these potions ever would harm anybody! He must have added something or tampered with it," Kauvara insisted.

Week - 442

Potion 319: Part Two
by chax1414
Description: Isaiah ran all the way back into Neopia Central, trying to avoid running into people. How weird would it have been to run into something you couldn't see?

Week - 443

Potion 319: Part Three
by chax1414
Description: "I'm a Faerie. We see all magical happenings." Jhudora cackled as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Week - 444

Visions and Vanishings: Part One
by chax1414
Description: "Are you ready?" he asked, striding quickly over to the Wishing Well. Farren nodded and glanced into the crystal clear waters, which soon turned murky and dark...

Week - 445

Visions and Vanishings: Part Two
by chax1414
Description: "Ok, Farren, calm down. It's all over now," said Salthar calmly. "Just tell me what you saw."

Week - 446

Visions and Vanishings: Part Three
by chax1414
Description: "I want those lasers spotless, or I'll report this to Sloth!"

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