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Week - 418

Yurble Trouble
by chibino
Description: I WISH the faeries didn't give out this prize...

Week - 420

Kiochi-The Food Shop Chia
by chibino
Description: That's why...

Week - 422

Peanut Obsession
by chibino
Description: What a funny-tasting peanut!

Also by jennyhammy

Week - 427

by chibino
Description: Kikos float?

Week - 429

Kiochi - Esophagor
by chibino
Description: So heavy...

Week - 431

Kiochi - Pant Devil Attractor
by chibino
Description: It really works!

Week - 434

by chibino
Description: Why there aren't many neo-painters out there...

Week - 435

Kiochi - Bedbugs
by chibino
Description: Don't let the bedbugs bite!

Week - 436

Kiochi - Fishing Problems #1
by chibino
Description: Its name can deceive you...

Week - 438

Kiochi - Sponge Problem
by chibino
Description: Why sponge pets don't swim...

Week - 440

Kiochi - Dangers of Dodgeball #1
by chibino
Description: The advantages of being ghost...

Week - 441

Kiochi - Books
by chibino
Description: That's why I'm way better than you, Jhudora...

Week - 442

Kiochi - Tests
by chibino
Description: Why neopets don't take tests...

Week - 443

Kiochi - Invisible Pets
by chibino
Description: Hey, I'm unconverted!

Week - 444

Kiochi - Lost in the Desert Part 1
by chibino
Description: I can't believe we're lost....

Week - 445

Kiochi-Lost in the Desert Part 2
by chibino
Description: In life, we have to make sacrifices....

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