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Week - 264

The Wrong Wish
by carys1994
Description: As we walked on, I saw a few Peophins playing in a pool. I stopped and stared. I loved Peophins. More than anything in Neopia, I wanted to be a Peophin...

Week - 274

Where's Bibi Gone?
by carys1994
Description: "OK! You can play with my Click Klacks! I've seen a nice patch of mud to roll around in out in the garden, and I've got to do it quick before Ruby stops me," answered Pouncer...

Week - 321

Best Friends... Anymore?
by carys1994
Description: "Have you heard about the new Kougra?" asked Emerald.

Week - 328

The Real Lassie
by carys1994
Description: Did Caz really think she'd been in Neopia long enough to have a third pet?

Week - 338

A New Friend: Part One
by carys1994
Description: "Come on, Buster! You have got to see the new pet!" yelled Pouncer up the stairs...

Week - 339

A New Friend: Part Two
by carys1994
Description: I grabbed a bowl myself, filled it up with cereal and sat down at the table with them. I heard Bibi whisper something into her brother's ear and they both giggled...

Week - 349

Bibi's Diary
by carys1994
Description: Well, this whole mess I'm in started yesterday. Might as well jot it down so that one day I can look back on it and remember exactly what happened...

Week - 445

Who I Am
by carys1994
Description: "Easy for you to say – Lupes are used to this kind of temperature," said Lassie, shivering.

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