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Week - 421

Worst Nightmare
by not_so_shorty_12
Description: No fruit Chias were harmed in the making of this comic.

Week - 424

Meepit Carols
by not_so_shorty_12
Description: Don't answer your door this holiday season.

Week - 430

Valentine's Rush
by not_so_shorty_12
Description: Beware the mysterious valentines.

Week - 435

Clover Mania
by not_so_shorty_12
Description: Objects in farm are less lucky than they appear.

Week - 440

Sun Hat
by not_so_shorty_12
Description: There's more to this hat than meets the eye.

Week - 441

Very Punny
by not_so_shorty_12
Description: A good pun works well in any situation. And a bad pun, well...

Week - 443

by not_so_shorty_12
Description: You'll be begging for Rock Baby Cabbages once you've tried this.

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