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Week - 433

Watch Your Back
by 0turtle
Description: *crunch*

Week - 432

Slow Down!
by 0turtle
Description: AAAHHH!!!

Week - 435

Shell Shocked
by 0turtle
Description: No Neopets were harmed during the creation of this comic...

Week - 436

by 0turtle
Description: *yawn*

Week - 437

Mustache or Toupee?
by 0turtle
Description: Hmm.

Week - 438

Free Fall
by 0turtle
Description: Refrain from painting yourself in mid flight...

Week - 439

Bad Idea
by 0turtle
Description: Rawr?

Week - 442

Slow and Steady
by 0turtle
Description: ...wins the race?

Idea by dudeiloled

Week - 443

Uh... Help?
by 0turtle
Description: Both teams are tied...

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