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Week - 435

The Friend
by antiaircraft_3
Description: The mirror snickered. You really can't, can you? Look at yourself. Mutants have been prettier.

Week - 440

Flowlight: Moon - Eternal Stranger: Part One
by antiaircraft_3
Description: This is the first part of one of the foretellings of the Great Eyrie Sage of Shenkuu, Four Left Feet – currently held in prison at the displeasure of the Emperor – as recited by his scribe, One Pugilistic Mootix.

Week - 441

Flowlight: Moon - Eternal Stranger: Part Two
by antiaircraft_3
Description: "I never said I was harmless."

Week - 442

Flowlight: Moon - Eternal Stranger: Part Three
by antiaircraft_3
Description: "There's no way you could've been around a hundred years ago," he was saying. "There's no such thing as an immortal pet..."

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