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Week - 310

Tony the Feepit
by geestelijk
Description: Don't always trust the Lab Ray...

Week - 347

Why You Should Never Trade Pets
by geestelijk
Description: A Lesson to Learn...

Week - 348

Clothless Neopets
by geestelijk
Description: What owners really do with the unwanted clothing...

Week - 359

Omelette Time!
by gaby_marques
Description: Yay omelette!

Also by geestelijk

Week - 365

Someone Can Be Listening To You...
by gaby_marques
Description: Awww...

Also by geestelijk

Week - 391

The Ghost Lupe's Pet Peeve
by silver_polecat
Description: I wonder why the Ghost Lupe hates Mystery Island so much...?

Script by geestelijk

Week - 438

Intimidating Neopets
by geestelijk
Description: "No abandoned neopets were found."

Week - 440

Why Phelps Can Never Place in the Beauty Contest
by geestelijk
Description: "I don't think that is your trophy..."

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