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Week - 435

The Winds of Change: Part One
by icedragon_14_1
Description: What would we do if one of Neopia's greatest evils returned?

Week - 436

The Winds of Change: Part Two
by icedragon_14_1
Description: The bridge snapped and began to fall away into the cliffs. Crystal swept in and grabbed the ropes...

Week - 437

The Winds of Change: Part Three
by icedragon_14_1
Description: Flight sipped her smoothie before speaking. "Did you read the letter Ivy left for you?" Flight asked.

Week - 438

The Winds of Change: Part Four
by icedragon_14_1
Description: "But what if Sloth finds out? He'll destroy you!" Streamer the Faerie Xweetok said worriedly.

Week - 439

The Winds of Change: Part Five
by icedragon_14_1
Description: "Feather told me that she needed some 'outside help' for the big battle against Sloth..."

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