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Week - 290

The Misadventures of a Red Hissi
by kittengriffin
Description: "Hypnotism." Hayden leaned forward. "A guy in my class at school taught it to me. Want to try being hypnotized?"

Also by extreme_fj0rd

Week - 327

by kittengriffin
Description: And with the war going on and the fanciness of the lettering, there was really only one choice of who had sent the letter. The military...

Week - 359

Sunlight Sonata: Part One
by kittengriffin
Description: "You're back. What about the blind one? Is he still here?"

Week - 360

Sunlight Sonata: Part Two
by kittengriffin
Description: "This pendant can take us to a different reality, if we activate it."

Week - 361

Sunlight Sonata: Part Three
by kittengriffin
Description: They'd been captured by a robot. And not just any robot. A robot that was obviously from Virtupets.

Week - 362

Sunlight Sonata: Part Four
by kittengriffin
Description: "The gypsies started this. They gave me that sunburst that Invi's wearing. He somehow activated it, and it brought us here."

Week - 363

Sunlight Sonata: Part Five
by kittengriffin
Description: Sayang grinned. "If Keben didn't say it outright, neither will I. We're going to a demonstration. That's all you need to know."

Week - 364

Sunlight Sonata: Part Six
by kittengriffin
Description: "Yes, I am a mutant. Yes, Sloth made me what I am. But what I am is a leader, a leader of those in the rebellion."

Week - 365

Sunlight Sonata: Part Seven
by kittengriffin
Description: "You know why we're gathered here. We just need your help to find the best ways to use your abilities when we assault Sloth's forces in Faerieland."

Week - 366

Sunlight Sonata: Part Eight
by kittengriffin
Description: He doubted they'd encounter any resistance until they got to Faerieland itself. Sayang had said that the desert was unguarded...

Week - 367

Sunlight Sonata: Part Nine
by kittengriffin
Description: "Proteus is holding a ceremony to reward all of those who helped take Faerieland..."

Week - 368

Sunlight Sonata: Part Ten
by kittengriffin
Description: "I wanted to say goodbye. We're going to leave soon."

She didn't speak.

Week - 386

From the Shadows
by phoenix_through_fire
Description: There was a creak on the floorboards outside the backroom, and the purple Usul froze...

Also by kittengriffin

Week - 385

Preludes: Goldfire
by kittengriffin
Description: Anyway, the heat never was the worst part of Goldrun for me. No, the worst part was how out of the way it was.

Week - 397

Summer Snow
by kittengriffin
Description: The field of grass, kept trimmed and clear by generations of children, was covered in daisies.

Week - 404

Shattered Sunlight: Part One
by kittengriffin
Description: Cherry blossoms drifted around him, but his attention remained focused on the black Draik circling him.

Week - 405

Shattered Sunlight: Part Two
by kittengriffin
Description: "Kiko Lake was destroyed two days ago."

Week - 406

Shattered Sunlight: Part Three
by kittengriffin
Description: A shining metal capsule sped through the sky, smoke trailing from it. In a moment, Vesper registered what it was. "Send warning to the city," he shouted...

Week - 407

Shattered Sunlight: Part Four
by kittengriffin
Description: I just want the world to be a more ordered place than it is right now. Can any of you argue with that? ~ Lord Franklin Sloth

PS – I have Fyora

Week - 408

Shattered Sunlight: Part Five
by kittengriffin
Description: The pattern wasn't good. Shenkuu's troops, represented by the golden tokens, held the high ground near the City, but the high ground farther out belonged to Sloth...

Week - 409

Shattered Sunlight: Part Six
by kittengriffin
Description: Sloth's army sparkled in the rising sun.

Week - 415

Scars: Loyalty
by kittengriffin
Description: "Yes, Gorix and Parlax were high-level agents. Yes, they took dangerous missions and accomplished them. But when Parlax gained his scar, it was completely intentional..."

Week - 422

by kittengriffin
Description: I volunteered to go with one of the Diver ships, a submarine as they called it, because it's a bit of a tradition among my schoolmates.

Week - 426

Worth a Thousand Words
by kittengriffin
Description: She had no name. Nobody outside a cage spoke to her except Dr. Death and Rose.

Week - 430

Simple Things
by kittengriffin
Description: Snow whirled around the airship. Blizzard conditions, the captain had said when they'd entered the storm.

Week - 431

Preludes: Airborne
by kittengriffin
Description: Keben stood on the roof of his house...

Week - 433

Storm and Sorrow
by kittengriffin
Description: "With a ship like this and the clouds, I'm worried about what would happen if the winds mean a storm."

Also by concertogreat_8

Week - 435

By the Light of the Sun
by kittengriffin
Description: "You're the ghost-catchers, I trust?"

Week - 436

Daylight's Dirge: Part One
by kittengriffin
Description: Pariel touched the controls of his salvager, bringing himself to a stop relative to the scattered chunks of space refuse. Following the battle against Sloth, there had been a great demand for salvagers...

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