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Week - 431

The Unlucky One: Part One
by solcana64
Description: "Uh oh." Racon ducked and covered his head with his paws, but he knew it was useless. BAM!

Week - 432

The Unlucky One: Part Two
by solcana64
Description: Ashalyia coughed and waved away the smoke. "How was your book?" she asked.

Week - 433

The Unlucky One: Part Three
by solcana64
Description: "It says that you actually do have a curse, but does it say how to cure it?"

Week - 434

The Unlucky One: Part Four
by solcana64
Description: Two hours later, Racon was still reading his book. Dayna and Kanuah were in the middle of another Dueling Deck match.

Week - 435

The Unlucky One: Part Five
by solcana64
Description: "Well?" Racon tapped impatiently on the counter. "What does it say?"

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