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Week - 337

The 'Tok of the Town, Volume 1
by moonlightfear
Description: Would YOU party with the Snow Beast?

Week - 349

The 'Tok Of the Town: Mr. Tough Xweetok
by moonlightfear
Description: What, are you scared? Come on, fight me!

Week - 352

The 'Tok of the Town: The Joke's On You
by moonlightfear
Description: So, Mikey, what's the punchline again?

Week - 355

Prince of Fools: You Useless Usuki Usul!
by moonlightfear
Description: What good is a lazy sword-for-hire, anyway?

Week - 356

Neonisms: I'll Eat Anything... Except That!
by moonlightfear
Description: Just because a Skeith CAN eat anything, does not mean he WILL.

Week - 369

Neonisms: Go Ahead, Just Try It!
by moonlightfear
Description: Looks like Dr. Sloth won't get his way... or will he? =)

Week - 388

The 'Tok of the Town: Mystery Meat
by moonlightfear
Description: Zhang and Koda decide to go out for a snack...but what's REALLY cookin' at Kyrii Kal's House O' Chicken?

Week - 390

Prince Of Fools: "Fighting Food With Food"
by moonlightfear
Description: What do you do when unruly baby pets keep interrupting your meal? Give them a taste of their own medicine, of course!

Week - 407

The 'Tok of the Town: "Facing the Music"
by moonlightfear
Description: Being a proper rock star isn't just about playing your instrument well, oh no...

Week - 413

Prince Of Fools: The Haggle Master
by moonlightfear
Description: Neolodge haggling 101, with your teacher, Sabrecaid the Clueless

Week - 425

The 'Tok of the Town: Just Like Me!
by moonlightfear
Description: BeautifulZhangHe is a great rockstar, but a lousy guitar salesman...

Week - 426

Neonisms: Just Sumo Me
by moonlightfear
Description: So, you think you're the toughest ever to set foot in the Battledome?

Week - 427

The Tok of the Town: Sense and Insensitivity
by moonlightfear
Description: First impressions hopefully aren't last impressions with the new management...

Week - 429

The Tok of the Town: Clothes Encounter
by moonlightfear
Description: LOL...Worst rock concert outfit EVER. Poor Andii....

Week - 435

Prince of Fools: Mm, Mm Avatar!
by moonlightfear
Description: Friends don't let friends eat gross things... OINK!

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