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Week - 367

The Boards for the Bored
by puffalump10
Description: The unspoken rules and general discussions of the Neoboards.

Week - 372

Making the Most of a Bad Gift
by puffalump10
Description: It is a fate that many Neopians will have to deal with this festive season. Terrible gifts. There are some key ways to survive and overcome receiving strange or useless items.

Week - 378

10 Ways to Break From Your Neopets Routine
by puffalump10
Description: Has it become nothing more than mindless clicking? Here are some ways to mix it up!

Week - 384

Perfecting Your Villainy
by puffalump10
Description: You should have at least one near-successful plot under your belt in order to be considered a true villain.

Week - 416

Halloween Costumes on a Budget
by puffalump10
Description: Here you can find a wonderful assortment of Halloween costumes that won't dent your bank account but still provide an element of creativity for your Neopet.

Week - 434

Kreludite, Grundos, and Plushies, oh my!
by puffalump10
Description: You know that adorable Rainbow Chomby Plushie you've been playing with? Did you know it was created on a factory line on a tight time limit with thieves attempting to whisk it away?

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