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Week - 361

Hatred Because Of Love
by mikan_girl94
Description: "Brightmask, what are my siblings like? What are their names?"

Week - 426

Hatred Because Of Love: Deyna's Story - Part One
by mikan_girl94
Description: It was a year and a half since I had last seen my older sister, Xena...

Week - 427

Hatred Because Of Love: Deyna's Story - Part Two
by mikan_girl94
Description: I leaned my back against the door and buried my face in my paws. How could Brightmask DO this?

Week - 428

Hatred Because Of Love: Deyna's Story - Part Three
by mikan_girl94
Description: It was 8:00 PM as I was heading downstairs to grab a sandwich. From the kitchen, I could hear the kid's voice chatting away.

Week - 429

Hatred Because Of Love: Deyna's Story - Part Four
by mikan_girl94
Description: "Shadowtail?" I whispered through the open window...

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