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Week - 302

The Quest for the Moonlit Orb: Part One
by alex313
Description: She and her brother, Narros, were considered homeless; they had no owner, nor did they remember ever having one. But they had a home, in a way...

Week - 303

The Quest for the Moonlit Orb: Part Two
by alex313
Description: "The Orb could do all kinds of things, whatever the user desired. Fyora soon realized how dangerous such a thing could be, so she asked each of the four fire faeries to become guardians for the Orb, and make sure it never fell into the wrong hands..."

Week - 304

The Quest for the Moonlit Orb: Part Three
by alex313
Description: Nalina said smoothly, "You're wrong; this quest does concern me. What if whoever stole the Orb found out about us?"

Week - 305

The Quest for the Moonlit Orb: Part Four
by alex313
Description: "Why are you entering our fine city at this hour?" asked a Desert Grarrl standing before the gates of the city...

Week - 306

The Quest for the Moonlit Orb: Part Five
by alex313
Description: "Does she know...?" Mysia started to ask. She was going to say, "Does she know you're homeless?" but stopped herself just in time...

Week - 307

The Quest for the Moonlit Orb: Part Six
by alex313
Description: Illuminated by the light that flowed through the doorway, the figure was clearly visible. There was no doubt in Cleo's mind. It was...

Week - 308

The Quest for the Moonlit Orb: Part Seven
by alex313
Description: She waited for just the right moment before swooping down, knocking Jamie off his feet, and catching the Orb. She soared away, leaving the others standing in complete disbelief...

Week - 427

The Prophecy Faeries: Part One
by alex313
Description: An earth faerie walked down the crowded halls of Faerie Heights Academy of Magical Study, an immense pile of books stacked in her arms.

Week - 428

The Prophecy Faeries: Part Two
by alex313
Description: "By the way," Clarisse whispered as she walked past Bernadette, "I wasn't reading your thoughts, just watching your memories."

Week - 429

The Prophecy Faeries: Part Three
by alex313
Description: Rutherford marched Bernadette down the hall to his office without speaking. Bernadette knew she was in big trouble.

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