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Week - 323

Storm at Sea: Part One
by saphira_27
Description: Two figures ran through the darkness. They were some of the very, very few who were unafraid – they had grown up on these shadowy streets...

Week - 324

Storm at Sea: Part Two
by saphira_27
Description: The spell had pent up enough energy to keep the storm going for years. Not that they would need that long. Soft-hearted Fyora would see the chaos and do the only thing she could do to save her people – hand over Faerieland...

Week - 325

Storm at Sea: Part Three
by saphira_27
Description: Vivian was very uneasy. The electric Ixi sorceress whispered to Ivy, "Why haven't we seen any Dark Faeries?"

Week - 326

Storm at Sea: Part Four
by saphira_27
Description: Embyrr looked around in near-panic – they couldn't possibly last much longer. The Fire Faerie told her companion, "Ivy – we have to get out of here! We're being overwhelmed!"

Week - 360

A House, A Home: Part One
by saphira_27
Description: "There's open space here, which is a lot more than you can say for Neopia Central. Come on! It's a whole new life – a splendid adventure story – four sisters moving to the moon!"

Week - 361

A House, A Home: Part Two
by saphira_27
Description: Juju bent down. Was this piece of floor slightly darker than the rest? She felt around it and got her fingers in the grooves. She lifted it up. A ladder led to a tunnel below.

Week - 362

A House, A Home: Part Three
by saphira_27
Description: The Grundo said patronizingly, "I'm duty-bound to check out all serious claims. It was probably just a few teenage thugs hiding in the shed."

Week - 363

A House, A Home: Part Four
by saphira_27
Description: That was when a large door opened across the room, revealing Commander Garoo. And yes, he had giant robots.

Week - 378

Her Majesty's Champions: Part One
by saphira_27
Description: It was a time for Champions. Six mortal heroes with ties to each of the six elements, who were sworn to obey the Queen and fight for good.

Week - 379

Her Majesty's Champions: Part Two
by saphira_27
Description: "The Champions of Air and Darkness are arriving today... I will speak to all of you together, and explain your purpose."

Week - 380

Her Majesty's Champions: Part Three
by saphira_27
Description: Someone banged on the door of the Grand Council Chamber. "Milady Fyora! I must speak with you at once!"

Week - 381

Her Majesty's Champions: Part Four
by saphira_27
Description: The three masked Neopets waited until the blast shook the Citadel before they acted. They jumped out of their hiding places...

Week - 382

Her Majesty's Champions: Part Five
by saphira_27
Description: The six Champions dismounted outside the Faerie Palace and bid their mounts goodbye. Sartos muttered, "Here goes nothing."

Week - 383

Her Majesty's Champions: Part Six
by saphira_27
Description: "I wish you to go inside the Palace... I need you to guard the Vault of Queens."

Week - 426

Hearts of Fire: Part One
by saphira_27
Description: She crept into one of the narrow corridors of the Virtupets Space Station. The only light came from the intermittent blinks of the status buttons...

Week - 427

Hearts of Fire: Part Two
by saphira_27
Description: Carmen helped Niklausse up onto the top of the escape pod. They both squinted in the early-morning sunshine – they weren't used to it at all after a few years on the Space Station.

Week - 428

Hearts of Fire: Part Three
by saphira_27
Description: Carmen was starting to be a little uneasy about that plan... one night, she'd found the Neopedia articles on "Sloth" and "Mutants" while the others were asleep. A few phrases from the latter particularly haunted her...

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