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Week - 369

A Neopian's Super Guide to Super Hasee Bounce!
by facetiousmind
Description: In this super edition of Hasee Bounce, Jimmi and Woogy have stepped it up and are going for bigger and better things – doughnutfruits AND balloons!

Week - 373

Jungle Raiders Guide: Swing Your Way to a High Score
by facetiousmind
Description: In Jungle Raiders, you play a jungle-themed Mynci whose goal is to collect as much treasure as possible by swinging through the trees and gathering the coins that are placed in his path.

Week - 386

A Barf Boat Guide: Doesn't It Sound Appetizingly Fun?
by facetiousmind
Description: You play Captain Arf, a Pirate Warf, who is desperate to keep his boat afloat!

Week - 390

Top Chop! A Guide to Becoming Your Best Chopper!
by facetiousmind
Description: If you've always wished you could chop through a block of wood like those fancy karate masters, then you have come to the right place!

Week - 393

Lost City Lanes: A Place Where Striking Out is Good!
by facetiousmind
Description: In order to get the ball rolling (heehee), you left click your mouse to pick it up. Then, while still holding the left click button on your mouse, you swiftly and quickly glide your mouse forward...

Week - 398

A Guide to Help You Through the Haunted Shootery!
by facetiousmind
Description: The aim of the game is to shoot down the Haunted Woods targets while avoiding the friendly passers-by.

Week - 401

A Guide to Help You Roll Your Dice of Destiny
by facetiousmind
Description: Any fans of dice games will surely be delighted as this game has put a twist on most dice games you're used to playing!

Week - 406

A Guide to Dodge those Balls in Darigan Dodgeball!
by facetiousmind
Description: As if the spiky balls aren't annoying enough on their own, they will fly faster and faster as the game goes on.

Week - 424

Are You Extreme Enough? A Guide to Extreme Herder 2!
by facetiousmind
Description: As a petpet herder, you are bound to come across obstacles and enemies, but you will find a few helpful power-ups along the way as well!

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